R.S. Davis Financial Services, INC

Accounting and Taxes

  • Personal care to all clients

  • The most current software technology

  • Yield the maximum tax benefit from IRS tax code

  • Rapid Refunds

  • Expert Accounting experience to manage all fiscal necessities

  • 30 years experience

R.S. Davis Financial Services, INC

Real Estate

  • Employ a Comprehensive database

  • Listings updated continuously

  • Widely advertise properties

  • Quick Sales

  • Daily Updated listings for Buyers

  • Flexible Commission Rates

R.S. Davis Financial Services, INC


  • Low Origination Fees

  • Speedy Closings

  • Easy Step-by-Step Process

  • Expert Guidance and Support

  • Answer all mortgage needs

  • By getting a shorter mortgage term you can save thousands.

  • Beware of redemption penalty charges from lenders for time and expenses by exiting deals.

  • Check your credit report for mistakes and maintain your credit score.

  • We will begin the process by assessing your needs and determine financial goals.

  • Then a loan amount is customized to your specific situation.

  • Personal financial documents and information are needed to process the loan.

  • The processor will notify you when your loan is approved and your loan papers are ready to sign.

Financial Planning