1. The first step in purchasing a home is listing your personal requirements, preferred area, and why. Understand there may be a compromise between your expectations and possible funding.
2. Find out your allowable funding by getting pre-approved for a mortgage, which will also calculate your monthly expense. We have a mortgage calculator to estimate your possible mortgage payment.
3. After being pre-approved and deciding on an area. Now, we start checking on properties that fit your criteria. We use the best online searches services to expedite the process of finding qualified homes rapidly. Next, we visit home and visit open house
4. Upon finding the perfect home we will make an offer on the property. Negotiations are difficult because each side may have opposite agendas. We work hard with buyers gain a fair price.
5. Once the offer is accepted you must finalize the mortgage, arrange for homeowners insurance and set up various inspections. Many problems can occur but our well-trained staff will guide you through all situations. Last, we do a “walk through” before closing on the property to make sure all items agreed upon were completed to satisfaction.
6. All items involved are brought to the closing. Material including paper work, deposits, mortgage, title work, homeowners insurance and items necessary under local and state laws. After all matters have been settled at the closing table you officially own the home.