Mortgage Checklist

For all loans
* Last year’s W-2 (each borrower)
* Last years Federal tax returns
* 1003 Application
* Good Faith Estimate
* Truth In Lending (TIL)
* Credit Report
* One months pay stub (two pay stubs if bi-monthly)
* Two months original Bank statements
* Divorce Decree (if applicable)
* Name and phone number of landlord (if applicable)
* Copy of social security card (each borrower)

For Purchases (in addition to above)

* Sales contract
* Escrow letter
* Copy of Cancelled check given for deposit
* Realtor’s name and phone number

For Refinances (In addition to above)

* Copy of Warranty Deed
* Copy of Mortgage Coupon
* Prior title policy (if available)
* Copy of Hazard, Flood and wind policies (if applicable)
* Statement of all loans or Debt to be paid off (include creditor name and number)
* Survey (if available)