Our Team

Richard S. Davis, EARichard S Davis Jr, EA  (President)

Richard S Davis began his first company as a student at the University of Miami working towards a degree in Accounting & Business Administration.  Accounting, Taxes, Etc. was incorporated in 1975 to help his friends and associates in need of income tax assistance.  His business began to grow as the needs of his young clients progressed, and they were now in the market to purchase their first home. As a result, Richard began selling real estate in 1979, to accommodate the needs of his clients. He became a licensed mortgage broker in 1988, to better assist his client’s needs.

Richard remained working for Caterpillar Tractor Company for 11 years, then moved on to become a police officer with the Miami-Dade Police department.  He quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant. Because of his passion for real estate and financial matter, Richard has spent twenty three of his twenty five years on the police department in the Economic Crimes Bureau supervising investigations related to mortgage fraud, embezzlement, and financial schemes.

Today, what began as a simple tax business has grown into a full service financial company offering financial planning, mortgages broker services, real estate service and federal income tax preparation. Richard became an Enrolled Agent in 2011 to offer tax representation in addition to his other complete line of services.


Gwendolyn Amica, RTRP

Gwendolyn AmicaGwendolyn Amica is a retired former IRS agent with 20 years of experience. She provides tax assistance and advice throughout the year as a seasoned tax preparer. Gwen provides exceptional services to clients as she personalizes each case to meet the need of various careers while establishing a professional rapport with all clients. Gwendolyn has previous experience with ensuring compliance has been met with filing timely tax returns for Individuals and Corporations. Her previous experience include but is not limited to the following duties: filing tax liens, levying bank accounts & receivables, seizing assets, viewing financial statements, assessing trust funds, reviewing bankruptcy cases, referencing probate information, referring cases to Criminal Investigation and Department of Justice (DOJ) for criminal actions, and  working closely with  CPA’s, Enrolled Agents and Attorneys.

Gwendolyn has recently passed the IRS competency test and is recognized as a Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) before the IRS and other Tax Professionals. She is currently a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP).

Gwendolyn higher education consists of a major in business education and a specialty in Finances/Accounting where she obtains many hours of continuing education credits.

Gwendolyn also works with the top tax preparers in the industry and in the state of Florida. She is also licensed by the state of Florida as a Notary Public to witness signatures on legal documents and she is also a Signing Agent who specializes in notarizing mortgages and real estate documents. She provides notary services that may include but is not limited to: Performing Marriage Ceremonies, witnessing a signature, taking an affidavit, preparing a certificate of acknowledgement, and preparing a notarial certificate.


Jeffery A. Jones

Jeffery Jones PortraitJeffrey A. Jones, a native of Miami, Florida earned his specialty in tax preparation from R. S. Davis Financial School of Taxation. In addition to tax preparation, Jeff is a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate in the State of Florida, and a student at Miami-Dade College pursuing a Business degree. He is also a member of the Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) as a composer/writer and married to Kimberly a practicing attorney in the State of Florida and they have three-(3) daughters.

On the left side of the Jeff’s cerebral cortex is the skilled musician with over 30 years of experience playing and performing with various instruments (Keyboard, Bass and Electric Guitars and Drums). He is also an Independent Producer with over 20 years of experience in programming and engineering. Jeffrey is a skilled manager with over 10 years of administrative experience in Ministry and currently serves as Minister of Music in his church.

Jeff is a very professional and knowledgeable tax practitioner and enjoys helping his clients free themselves from Internal Revenue anxiety syndrome!


Dale Seidman, EA

Dale Seidman PortraitMr. Seidman is an Enrolled Agent with 30 years of accounting experience. He is a graduate of the University of Florida, Fisher School of Accounting and he has a MBA from Nova Southeastern University. Mr. Seidman’s areas of practice include corporate and individual taxation and financial accounting.






Keith Tabela

Keith Tabela PortraitSince graduating from Rhode Island College with a BA in Communications, Keith has many inroads in Industry as well as the Performing Arts. From working as an Industrial Engineer for an electronic component manufacturer in Rhode Island to a Senior Methods Analyst for Hospital Trust National Bank. During this time he also was certified to teach (3 years) Production Management for Managers. Moreover he was selected to serve on a Government Task Force making productivity improvements to the Department of Transportation. For his efforts he received an Official Citation from the Governor of Rhode Island.

In the performing arts he has appeared in several television, feature film and theater projects including: “The Good Son”, “Amistad”, “True Lies”, “Cheers”,”Spencer: For Hire” and many others. He has also served on the Board of Directors for Screen Actors Guild (6 years) and EEOC chairman (3 years) for SAG and AFTRA. Also he was instrumental in organizing the American Scene Awards during that time.